Scientific Papers and Press Releases

#Scientific Papers

Scientific Papers

Cardio-microcurrent device for chronic heart failure: First-in-human clinical study Wiley Online Library

Myocardial Edema Revisited in a New Paradigm of Cardiac Electrical Microcurrent Application in Heart Failure Bioelectricity, Volume 3, Number 3, 2021

First-in-man Implantation of a Cardiac Microcurrent Device for Chronic Systolic Heart Failure ASAIO Journal 2021

Bioelectrical signals improve cardiac function and modify gene expression of extracellular matrix components National Library of Medicine

Microcurrent stimulation promotes reverse remodelling in cardiomyocytes National Library of Medicine

#Press Releases

Press Releases

Berlin Heals Holding AG welcomes Dr. Felix Baader and Roland Diggelmann as new board members Final phase of ongoing CE study started August 22, 2023

Berlin Heals Holding AG Successfully Completes Financing Round for Ongoing CE-Study June 29, 2023

Berlin Heals receive Breakthrough Device Designation from FDA for its C-MIC Heart Failure Device and Initiates Early Feasibility Study in the United States March 11, 2021

Berlin Heals announces results of first-in-human study for its Implantable C-MIC device for the Treatment of Heart Failure with Electrical Microcurrent and the Launch of a pivotal CE Mark Study March 04, 2021

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