C-MIC: Redefining Heart Failure Therapy

With the C-MIC Device - a Revolutionary, Novel and Life-Saving Treatment for Heart Failure Patients - Berlin Heals has developed an innovative, disruptive and easily implantable low-invasive microcurrent device that has demonstrated tremendous clinical effects never seen before in heart failure patients.

The C-MIC Device

A Revolutionary Life-Saving Treatment for Heart Failure Patients

The C-MIC device is a novel cardiac implant that has evolved in a breakthrough near-curative treatment for patients with systematic and refractory heart failure. The C-MIC is a small implantable device that propagates reverse remodeling of the cardiac muscle tissue by delivering a constant but minimal electrical direct current (DC) to the heart.

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Impressive pilot study results

Heart Failure Explained

Heart Failure is the World’s Most Lethal Disease

Heart Failure is a progressive illness and occurs when the heart muscle is unable to pump enough blood through the heart to meet the body’s needs for blood and oxygen. As no viable therapy, drug or method has ever been developed and made available to reverse heart failure, Berlin Heals was formed in 2014 to address this situation based on an innovative and revolutionary method.

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Current Studies

In April 2020, a pilot study (dual center first-in-human studies) with 10 patients was successfully completed. The results showed significant, rapid improvements in heart function, heart size and quality of life of patients. After the successful completition, Berlin Heals launched a European-wide CE Study for its C-MIC device in 2021 and, in parallel, is about to commence an Early Feasibility Study in the US.

Recent studies
Berlin Heals was established to define a new era of heart failure treatment More about us
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