Pioneering Heart Failure Treatment via Electrical Microcurrent


Berlin Heals Holding Ltd., a Swiss company operating an R&D subsidiary in Berlin, Germany, was founded in 2014 as an innovative life science company with the mission to develop its proprietary C-MIC technology.

#The Company

The Company

Berlin Heals Team has been Developing a New and Revolutionary Technology

Since 2014, the Berlin Heals team has been developing a new and revolutionary technology to treat heart failure. The company structure consists of a holding company located in Zug, Switzerland (Berlin Heals Holding Ltd.), a subsidiary in Berlin, Germany (Berlin Heals LLC) where most of the research & development work is done, and Berlin Heals US, Inc., a sub-subsidiary incorporated to serve as the hub for the studies conducted in the US.

Based on cell experiments which started as early as 2008 and pre-clinical studies in 2010, Berlin Heals first developed its C-MIC system, then successfully tested its efficacy in animals and finally undertook the first-in-human implant in 2019. After a pilot study involving 10 patients confirmed the initial impressive results, Berlin Heals moved on to launch a European-wide clinical evaluation to obtain CE marking and, in parallel, an Early Feasibility Study in the US.

Both studies are expected to be completed in 2023/2024 and market introduction of the technology should then follow suit. The C-MIC device is a patented novel technology owned by Berlin Heals Holding Ltd., Zug (Switzerland).

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#Our Team

Our Team

Well-known and Experienced Industry Experts

The Berlin Heals core team counts well-known and experienced industry experts, business strategists with long and impressive track records, and highly recognized scientists engaged either at the company’s operational level or as members of the Scientific Advisory Board.



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